Delivering Outstanding Customer Service. Every Customer, Every time!

Marshall Toney is ranked among the Top 3% of Real Estate agents in the Nation. He is one of the most respected and recognized real estate agents in Williamsburg and Hampton Roads. He has reached this pinnacle in his career because he is 100% dedicated to each and every customer having a positive experience, regardless of the sale or the buy price range. He is constantly working to improve his knowledge of the market, responsiveness, professionalism, and overall efficiency. Whether buying or selling, Marshall is most concerned with what your vision of success for your home is. He is eager to hear your ideas about your dream home in Historic Williamsburg and the Hampton Roads Area. As an Associate Broker with more than 14 years of full time experience, he embodies the spirit of commitment to your goals through hard work and passion. Marshall understands when it comes to your home, he is holding one of your most important investments in his capable hands. When you meet Marshall, you feel at ease right away because you can sense how much he cares about you the customer, you also sense his passion and dedication towards his profession. Marshall's passion for his customers has only grown over the years as he continues to raise the bar for real estate agents nationwide.